Aviat Networks upgrades MTN Ghana’s backbone capacity

12 Nov 2013

MTN Ghana has announced that US-based microwave networking solutions provider Aviat Networks is deploying its STR600 ultra-high capacity microwave radio solution in order to upgrade the African mobile operator’s backhaul network to full IP capability. According to a joint press release, the STR600 upgrade is fully compatible with the currently installed Eclipse platform, enabling equipment to be re-used, while providing a significant increase in backbone capacity and minimising upgrade costs.

The STR600 links will form a critical element of MTN Ghana’s backbone network, supporting a resilient, ultra-high capacity ring network delivering more than 1.8Gbps of data throughput. Stuart Little, Aviat Networks director of solutions marketing, commented: ‘STR600 simplifies antenna installation [by] eliminating waveguide and pressurisation systems and, in many cases, reducing antenna sizes due to improved transmission power, thus decreasing the effects of wind on tower swaying. We are seeing a wave of tower outsourcing across Africa, so smaller antennas directly equate to diminished leasing costs for operators.’