Altice Group reports 9M revenues of EUR1.1bn

12 Nov 2013

Luxembourg-based telecoms firm Altice Group has reported pro forma combined revenues of EUR1.10 billion (USD1.47 billion) for the nine months ended 30 September 2013, up slightly from EUR1.08 billion year-on-year. The lion’s share of Q3 sales were generated by HOT Telecommunications Systems of Israel, which earned EUR669.4 million, followed by the ‘Overseas Territories’ business unit (EUR166.3 million), which comprises Le Cable (Guadeloupe and Martinique) and Outremer Telecom (Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, Reunion and Mayotte). Altice’s ‘Portugal’ business unit (Cabovisao and ONI Telecom) generated EUR159.6 million, while the ‘Belgium & Luxembourg’ unit, which includes the two countries’ respective Numericable operations, weighed in with EUR53.1 million. Altice CEO Dexter Goei commented: ‘We are very pleased to continue to monetise our superior networks and product bundles during Q3. During Q3 2013 our triple-play penetration has increased to 42%. Also by applying best practices across the Group we have been able to increase profitability substantially … On the M&A front we have been successful signing Tricom, a leading telecommunications operator in the Dominican Republic, a high GDP growth country, with penetration upside across all the products. In addition we have been able to enter into a strategic network and site sharing deal for our UMTS-based mobile services in Israel that will deliver significant savings in operating expenses and capital expenditures going forward.’