Xinwei: ‘planning complete’; rollout scheduled for 1H14

31 Oct 2013

In an interview with the South China Morning Post, Wang Jing, the businessman behind Nicaraguan wireless licensee Xinwei Telecom, has revealed that the company expects to begin work on its long-awaited network rollout early next year. Wang Jing commented: ‘Our engineers are working with the [Instituto Nicaraguense de Telecomunicaciones y Correos (Telcor)] and progress has been smooth. The planning stage has basically been completed in the field, and I think by the first half of next year we can begin to build the network. The engineers have told me that we will start in cities with a large population and demand and then expand from there’.

According to TeleGeography, Xinwei’s urban build strategy is at odds with the conditions attached to its 1785MHz-1805MHz licence. Prior to the concession’s award Orlando Castillo, head of Telcor, said that the decsion would be geared towards companies that were prepared to focus on the deployment of rural-focused services.