TIM Brasil CEO says small cell deployment will begin this year

31 Oct 2013

The chief executive officer of Brazil’s TIM Participacoes (TIM Brasil), Rodrigo Abreu, says his company will roll out its first 150 small cells to boost signal transmission capacity on its mobile network this year. Speaking this week, the official said that the first 150 small cells will be rolled out before the end of the year. TIM Brasil has in place a strategy to deploy small cell and other heterogeneous networks, which combine macro stations with microcells, picocells, femtocells and Wi-Fi, in 2014. The carrier is looking to be the first Brazilian telco to roll out small cells on a mass scale. ‘This project has already begun. 150 are being implemented this year, focusing on metropolitan areas, due to the high concentration of users. Next year, we should accelerate this process with a roll out on a mass scale,’ the CEO said.

Although Abreu did not say which vendor is supplying equipment for the small cell deployment, BNAmericas notes that last week TIM Brasil did confirm that it has tested small cells with Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) and Huawei of China. The carrier’s move comes in the wake of the 25 October announcement that national regulator Anatel has approved a long-awaited small cells regulation, reducing the telecommunications monitoring fees (i.e. Fistel) on equipment of up to 1W of power. The online portal says that this specific range is thought to restrict the Fistel cut to a single type of small cells, the indoor-focused and less potent femtocells. ‘We believe that the regulation should embrace the 2-5 watts range as well, which would include the metrocells, in order to consistently meet operators’ demands for transmission enhancement,’ Abreu said.

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