TWC doubles peak broadband speed to 100Mbps in LA, NYC, Hawaii

29 Oct 2013

New York-based cableco Time Warner Cable (TWC) has announced that it is doubling the broadband speed supported by its fastest product and more than halving the price of its lowest-speed package, in a bid to better compete with its fixed line rivals AT&T and Verizon Communications. As such, TWC has doubled the download speed offered by its top-tier ‘Ultimate’ package to 100Mbps; the faster speeds will initially be made available in Los Angeles, New York City and Hawaii, and a monthly subscription will be priced at USD105. Further down the pricing ladder, TWC has doubled the speed of its entry-level ‘Lite’ package to 2Mbps, and slashed the price from USD35 per month to USD15 per month; the new tariff applies from 4 November.

United States, Time Warner Cable (Spectrum)