NTA reviews Nepal’s numbering plan

29 Oct 2013

MyRepublica writes that the Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) is currently reviewing the country’s existing telephone numbering plan, as it looks at positive ways to drive growth and development of the nation’s telecoms industry. Under the terms of the new National Numbering Plan (NNP), all telephone lines in the mountain country, including landlines, are set to have ten digits, up from nine currently. All mobile phone numbers however, will have a two-digit operator code. Currently, Nepal Telecom (NT) has been allocated 4, 5 and 6 as its operator code, while Ncell has been using 0 and 1, and Smart Telecom recently received 9 as its operator code. ‘Under [the] existing system, we have only four operator codes remaining. It will be difficult for us to assign codes to new operators,’ said Min Prasad Aryal, deputy director-engineering at NTA. ‘Hence, we have decided to go for two-digit operator code,’ he said. Under the current single-digit regime, Nepal is limited to roughly ten million lines per number, but with double-digit codes, operators will be able to distribute more lines.