ICT minister faces backlash for QoS comments

29 Oct 2013

ICT Minister Azzam Sleit has criticised the quality of service (QoS) provided by the nation’s telcos and threatened to take measures to enforce higher standards of service, the Jordan Times writes. The minister described the current level of QoS as ‘unacceptable’, adding that ‘We all suffer because of the [bad] quality at present. We do not want free calling minutes when every minute there is a disruption in the call.’ Sleit added that the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) will gradually put in place measures to force Umniah, Zain and Orange Jordan to improve service quality.

The minister has come under fire for his comments, however, and they were described as ‘Exaggerated and unscientific’ by Umniah’s marketing director, who also claimed that the dropped call rate in Jordan is the lowest in the region. Sleit’s comments on QoS in Jordan are out of step with the TRC’s own reporting, which claims that the cellcos are well within accepted standards. According the TRC’s end-2012 report, Orange Jordan dropped 0.37% of calls, whilst Umniah and Zain dropped 0.33% and 0.31% respectively – the maximum accepted rate for dropped calls is 2%. Network availability was 99.85% for Orange, 99.88% for Zain and 99.99% for Umniah.

Orange Jordan’s chief financial officer, Raslan Deiranieh, dismissed Sleit’s accusations: ‘The minister’s comment is subjective. Services in Jordan are in line with best practices and international standards.’ Ahmad Hanandeh, the CEO of Zain Jordan, added to the backlash, commenting that ‘the government’s remarks are provocative, illogical, merely personal opinion and are misleading to the public.’