iBurst unveils uncapped VSAT option

28 Oct 2013

South African internet service provider (ISP) iBurst has launched an uncapped very small aperture terminal (VSAT) satellite broadband service targeting residential users and small businesses in remote parts of the country. TechCentral reports that the move, which effectively places the telco in direct competition with Vox Telecom and its ‘YahClick’ product, promises users download speeds ranging from 1Mbps to 16Mbps, depending on the package taken. Meanwhile, upload speeds reach 1Mbps it said, with tariff plans costing between ZAR899 (USD91.4) per month and ZAR4,459 per month respectively. Each package is subject to a daily fair use policy whereby users’ speeds are throttled when a predetermined limit is reached. This limit is then reset the following day.

South Africa, Rain (Multisource/WBS)