Telstra outlines updated long term strategy

24 Oct 2013

Australian fixed line incumbent Telstra has announced a refined long term strategy which it says is ‘supported by business unit changes aligning senior leaders to growth opportunities in Australia and overseas’. According to the telco’s CEO David Thodey, this realignment will ensure Telstra focuses on the critical areas of customer service excellence, core revenue and growth, with the operator’s strategy comprising three pillars, those being: to improve customer advocacy; to drive value from the core; and to build new growth businesses. Telstra’s capital management framework, meanwhile, which it announced in 2012, remains unchanged; this framework guides management decisions according to a set of criteria and provides transparency for shareholders.

‘Our strategy is simpler and more impactful. It makes our ambitions clearer and shows where shareholders can expect us to continue building value,’ Mr Thodey was cited as saying, adding: ‘We must serve our global customers at international scale, leveraging our expertise into Asia and other regions, while seeking to deliver outstanding customer service every day in every home, street and business around Australia … This strategy provides greater organisational clarity around our growth portfolios. New businesses such as global applications and platforms, cloud solutions and e-health were not opportunities three years ago and can play important roles as we head towards 2020 and beyond.’