Digicel Fiji director says handset makers must drive delivery of 4G smartphones

24 Oct 2013

Digicel Fiji commercial director Andrew Skelton has said the number of Fijians able to access its in-deployment 4G network is currently very low, and blames the situation on handset manufacturers not delivering enough 4G compatible devices into the market to drive uptake. Mr Skelton said that even if Digicel were to light up its 4G network, the number of people that could avail themselves of it is extremely small. ‘If I look around here and walk out on the street, technologically wise it’s virtually only people with Samsung Galaxy 4s and iPhone 5s that can catch that … at the moment there is a roll out plan and what we need is our partners, which are the handset manufacturers to start to push their handsets into the market which will bring the 4G network to life,’ he said. The director also commented that one of the conditions of the regulator’s 4G auction earlier this year is that successful bidders were required to have a commercial offering in place within the first year.

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