Tanzanian govt reviews ICT policy with one eye on cybercrime

21 Oct 2013

According to local newspaper The Guardian, the government of Tanzania is conducting a review of its 2003 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) policy, with a view to instituting new safety and security provisions designed to tackle the rising tide of cybercrime in the east African country. The move was confirmed by the permanent secretary of the ministry of communication, science and technology, Prof Patrick Makungu, speaking in Dar es Salaam. According to Prof Makungu, the government is reviewing the policy in order to assess the ethical impact of tightening internet usage to ensure governable and safe protection against cybercrime. ‘Obviously the internet by its nature makes it almost impossible to be fully regulated, however, irresponsible and unethical behaviour in the borderless world of the internet must somehow be managed,’ he said. ‘We need to step up our capacity building to ensure that the government and law enforcement organs stay ahead of apparent cyber threats and on the pulse of emerging ones,’ he added.