PLDT units Smart/Sun Cellular mesh networks in Mindanao

18 Oct 2013

PLDT subsidiaries Smart Communications and Digitel Mobile Philippines Inc (Sun Cellular) have successfully completed a project that allows them to use each other’s networks in the island of Mindanao, in the Philippines. The decision to mesh their networks will result in improved coverage and network performance, as each cellco will be share use of the other’s cell sites, optimising resources in the participating networks and removing the need to build new infrastructure. The mesh project started in April this year, targeting 25 provinces in Mindanao, including Tawi-Tawi and Sulu, and on completion has leveraged the use of almost 1,300 cell sites on the Philippines’ second largest island. The pair suggest that under the plan, Sun Cellular subscribers will see 2G coverage increase by 152% and a 64% improvement in terms of 3G. Meanwhile, Smart’s users will see 2G coverage improve by 35% and a 57% rise in 3G coverage in the area.