China Telecom, Orange launch ‘CTExcelbiz’

18 Oct 2013

China Telecom has partnered with Orange France to launch a pay-as-you-go joint venture, dubbed ‘CTExcelbiz’, which is aimed at the Chinese population in France. According to a joint press release, the service offers low roaming tariffs across the European Union (EU), low-cost bundles, free trilingual customer service and a website in French, Chinese and English. The announcement is part of a wider bilateral cooperation agreement signed between China Telecom and Orange in 2011; under the terms set out by the deal, subscribers of the two companies can benefit from approved mobile access both in China and Europe, improved access to international cable networks and provision of Wi-Fi roaming services. China Telecom’s CEO Deng Xiaofeng said: ‘With increasing numbers of Chinese visitors in France, we will be rolling out innovative and targeted mobile services that meet their specific needs. These include …Chinese-language voicemail services and our European Pass service, which will help [subscribers]…save up to 80% on their roaming charges.’

France, China Telecom Corporation, Orange France