Optima's creditors vote on restructuring on 5 November

17 Oct 2013

Croatian alternative operator Optima Telekom has disclosed that a hearing for voting on its revised financial restructuring plan is scheduled for 5 November 2013. The plan is being overseen by state-owned financial agency FINA. Details were released on the websites of Optima and FINA of the final hearing process concerning the settlement of Optima’s debt, including a list of 167 creditors identified as eligible to vote on the restructuring proposals, alongside the monetary values of their claims. Total claims listed are valued at HRK1.661 billion (USD295 million), including Optima Telekom’s current majority owner and CEO Matija Martic (HRK594.82 million). Zagrebacka Banka (Zaba) is the largest creditor with a claim of HRK642.94 million, and the bank therefore stands to gain the largest individual share of the restructured telco, while incumbent PSTN operator T-Hrvatski Telekom (which had a plan to take over Optima blocked by the Competition Agency in July) holds HRK100.90 million of Optima’s debt. Creditors may vote in person at the hearing or in writing.

Croatia, Hrvatski Telekom (HT), Optima Telekom (incl. H1 Telekom)