Anvia partners Omnitele for 700MHz LTE network pilot

16 Oct 2013

Finnish communications services provider Anvia has deployed a pilot LTE network using the 700MHz band, with the infrastructure having been set up to ‘analyse the feasibility of [the] 700MHz band to be used as an extension’ of the fixed line operator’s fibre network. As part of the project, the company will test technical aspects such as coverage, performance analysis and system integration to existing networks, while it will also seek to verify the usability of its application in general. Local engineering and consulting firm Omnitele assisted in the planning of the pilot, while it also prepared the network design and modelled the service levels for number of rollout scenarios.

Commenting on the development, Harri Suokko, Anvia’s acting CEO, was cited as saying: ‘We see LTE 700MHz as feasible technology to extend our reach with broadband services. In the pilot network, our clients have used smoothly bandwidth-demanding television and video conferencing services. Omnitele simulations also show that our target rates of 20Mbps-30Mbps can be offered in very cost efficient way in rural areas.’

Finland, Anvia, Omnitele