NBN fibre rollout falters

14 Oct 2013

Despite NBN Co, the public-private Australian company overseeing the management and construction of the National Broadband Network, having achieved its revised end-of-year target for the number of homes passed by the fibre infrastructure in July 2013, the network rollout is said to have slowed considerably. According to the Australian Financial Review, while NBN Co had previously projected that it would pass around 318,700 premises with fibre optic cabling by end-September, at 7 October just 227,454 premises were connected to the network. Further, citing internal statistics, the local news source claims that many of those are apartments and shopping arcades that are actually unable to order an NBN service. It is understood that Tasmania is the worst affected state, with the official number of premises able to connect to the NBN having actually fallen over the past two months; with 32,003 premises counted as passed on August 12, at 7 October this had dropped to 32,001, with the decline blamed on previously inaccurate data. As per NBN Co’s 2012 corporate plan it had been predicted that the around 1,028 premises per day would gain access to the fibre-based infrastructure by 30 June 2013, with that number expected to increase to 3,372 per day by 30 June 2014. However, it is believed that NBN Co is currently passing only 1,250 premises per week.

Australia, NBN Co