K-Telecom extends its over-the-air wireless network to reach more villages in Nagorno-Karabakh

14 Oct 2013

Karabakh Telecom (K-Telecom) is the sole telecoms operator in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh in Armenia, has expanded its over-the-air (OTA) network to provide internet connectivity to more villages in the region of Artsakh. Arka news agency reports that in the past two months, the carrier completed the successful network expansion and testing phase and is now able to provide Wi-Fi-based internet access to a greater number of village communities, namely: Kovsakan Town and Aygehovit Village in Kashatagh Region, Gishi and Avdur Villages in Martuni Region, Shosh, Lusadzor, Noragyugh and Khnatsakh Villages in Askeran Region, Tumi, Mets Tagher, Tsakuri, Togh, Taghaser and Taghoud Villages in Hadrout Region, Chapar and Vank Villages in Martakert Region, Achapnyak and Nor Aresh districts of Stepanakert.

According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database, after inheriting an analogue PSTN from the ethnic Armenian local authorities, K-Telecom launched in February 2002, providing fixed and mobile telephony services. The following October it launched its internet service provider, KTSurf, in the region’s capital Stepanakert, and extended the service to other areas in January 2003. Three months after this, K-Telecom opened the first internet cafes in Stepanakert. In September 2007 Russia’s Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) purchased the carrier, paying in excess of USD400 million for the operator from its Lebanese parent company, the Fattouch Investment Group. Today, K-Telecom’s GSM mobile network has been extended to provide coverage to about 95% of the Republic’s territory. It also provides WiLL, ADSL and fibre internet services, as well as mobile internet access via 3G technology.

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