800MHz spectrum winners announced

14 Oct 2013

Lithuania’s Communications Regulatory Authority (RRT) has announced the results of an auction for so-called ‘digital dividend’ spectrum licences in the 791MHz-821MHz and 832MHz-862MHz frequency bands. One lot of 2×10MHz and four lots of 2×5MHz spectrum went under the hammer; Bite Lithuania was announced as the winner of 2×10MHz in the 791MHz–801MHz and 832MHz–842MHz frequency band (Block No. 1/2) with a bid of LTL1.01 million (USD390,500), while Omnitel secured 2×5MHz in the 801MHz–806MHz and 842MHz–847MHz band (Block No. 3) and a further 2×5MHz in the 806MHz–811MHz and 847MHz–852MHz band (Block No. 4) for LTL2.55 million each, paying a total fee of LTL5.1 million. Tele2 rounded out the winners, walking away with licences for spectrum in the 811MHz–816MHz and 852MHz–857MHz range (Block No. 5) and the 816MHz–821MHz and 857MHz–862MHz band (Block No. 6) after bidding LTL1.00 million for each block (paying a total of LTL2 million). As a condition of the ‘Block No. 1/2’ licence, Bite must be able to provide high speed broadband services at maximum download speeds of up to 2Mbps to 30% of sub-districts within three years and 80% within five years; by 2020 the licensee is obligated to provide coverage of 4Mbps data transmission speeds to 95% of Lithuanian households.