JT’s fibre broadband network now passes 5,000 premises

9 Oct 2013

JT Jersey (formerly Jersey Telecom) has revealed that more than 5,000 premises have now been connected to its in-deployment fibre broadband network. With the project having gotten underway last year, the telco has confirmed it is on track for completion before the end of 2016, at which date around 35,000 premises will have access to superfast broadband speeds. Meanwhile, at its current levels of penetration – the telco claims to now offer a fibre-based service in 14% of the country’s premises, double the number it could provide to in 2012 – it claims this puts Jersey in ‘12th place in the world in terms of the scale of its fibre-to-the-home network enabling broadband speeds of more than 1Gbps’.

With JT having said that it is undertaking what it claims is Jersey’s biggest civil engineering project for around 70 years, the telco has split work into three phases, those being: the construction of the core network infrastructure; the running of fibre cables past all premises on the island; and finally connecting all broadband customers to the new infrastructure. According to JT the first two phases are ‘nearly complete’, with the core network having now been built and more than 790km of cable out of project total of 990km laid.

Commenting on the venture, Dave Newbold, Gigabit Program Director for JT, was cited as saying: ‘We are well on track to complete the project on time by the end of 2016. However, we hope to do better than that, and the teams are working hard, and efficiently, to deliver this world-leading project as swiftly as possible,’ adding: ‘Once completed Jersey will be one of very few places in the world with fibre broadband connected all the way to the homes of every customer … Currently, we are simply switching all customers from broadband delivered over the previous copper cabling, to the new fibre-optic network; a vast majority will be done free of charge, and this is about building a new infrastructure for the future.’

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