Osiptel sets standards for coverage claims

8 Oct 2013

Peru’s telecoms watchdog Osiptel has implemented new measures to ensure that telcos cover at least 60% of any area in which they claim to have coverage. The new rules were first proposed in February in response to customer complaints that companies were marketing areas as ‘covered’, although their actual footprint in those locations was limited. Under the new regulations, operators must cover 30% of any province, district or town in which they operate within the next twelve months, increasing to 45% and 60% over the subsequent two years. Providers are also obliged to make coverage information available to the public, listing the information clearly on their web page and setting up a toll-free number for enquiries. Subscribers supplied with incorrect information regarding service availability must be refunded. To supervise and monitor the implementation of the new rules, operators are obliged to provide quarterly reports to Osiptel detailing all base stations and repeaters, as well as their advertised coverage for each service.

Peru, Osiptel