Nepalese watchdog to set guidelines for BTS design

7 Oct 2013

National industry regulator Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) is preparing new guidelines concerning the design and build of base transceiver stations (BTS) in the country. Although the mountain nation’s incumbents have been working continuously on the deployment of mobile towers across Nepal to expand service coverage and improve service quality, the NTA says it has contracted Consultancy and Hydro Research (CADS) to carry out a study on the assessment of safety of BTS nationwide. The CADS report is titled ´Development of Guideline for Analysis and Design of Telecommunication Tower, Earthquake/ Disaster Risk Assessment of BTS Towers and Vulnerability Assessment and Re-strengthening/ Retrofit for Vulnerable Tower´. Commenting on the development, NTA director Ananda Raj Khanal said: ‘The consultant has prepared the detail draft report on various issues regarding safety. Once the NTA board allots the budget we will carry out a consultation workshop with various stakeholders, and will incorporate the feedback to finalise the guidelines.’