Zhone selected for TVFuego GPON rollout; AFSCA approves IPTV

27 Sep 2013

Zhone Technologies, a provider of FTTx network access solutions, has announced that it has been selected by TVFuego for a new GPON network deployment that will enable greater bandwidth support for the Argentine cableco’s customers. Headquartered in Rio Grande on the island of Tierra del Fuego, TVFuego will deploy Zhone’s MXK and zNIDs solutions to provide triple-play services to approximately 18,000 residential and business subscribers in the Rio Grande area. Prior to Zhone’s deployment, TVFuego offered triple-play through DOCSIS cable technology, but the rollout of GPON will enable it to offer a wide range of services at lower costs. ‘Zhone’s forward-looking approach to TVFuego’s specific needs, as well its impressive portfolio of products and local support made it the superior choice for our new GPON network,’ said Jose Luis Panos, CEO of TVFuego, adding: ‘Zhone’s services have given TVFuego the ability to provide our customers with the increased bandwidth capacity and reliability of services that they desired.’ Tierra del Fuego was recently connected to a new mainland backbone with a new fibre link that allowed the island to access higher speed connections, substantially increasing bandwidth capabilities in the area.

In other news, Argentina’s Federal Authority of Audiovisual Communication Services (AFSCA) has authorised the use of IP-based technology for the transmission of audiovisual content. In a press release, AFSCA said that allowing IPTV services will benefit the country’s telecoms cooperatives by facilitating their entry and promoting their development in the market for subscription television services.

Argentina, Zhone Technologies