The sun always shines on IPTV? Not in Orange County…

27 Sep 2013

US cable operator Cox Communications has abandoned its ‘flareWatch’ IPTV trial that was carried out in conjunction with Fanhattan’s Fan TV in Orange County, California. Fierce IPTV reports that the trial’s abrupt end was ‘much more understated than its launch’. Over the three-plus months that flareWatch ran in the Cox franchise area, trial consumers received broadband access for USD34.99 per month, along with 97 IPTV channels, including big-hitters such as ESPN, Disney and Discovery. A statement from the cableco read: ‘This limited trial was conducted as part of Cox’s ongoing customer research to determine how to best evolve our offerings to meet customers’ changing needs. We remain focused on helping customers discover and connect to the things they care about in ways that are easy-to-use and reliable and we will continue to test and explore new products’.

United States, Cox Communications