BTP-SXM poised to take action after Saint Kitts frequency overlap

24 Sep 2013

The Bureau of Telecommunication and Post of Sint Maarten (BTP-SXM) has confirmed that it is monitoring reports of signal interference affecting domestic mobile operators. The problem, which has led to dropped calls and quality of service (QoS) issues for TelCell, is thought to originate with an unspecified operator active on nearby Saint Kitts & Nevis. Previously, in May this year TelCell was granted a new frequency range after experiencing a similar problem with a cellco based on neighbouring Anguilla. The new problem is thought to be confined to mobile users in Dawn Beach, Point Blanche and parts of Philipsburg. The BTP-SXM has stressed that it is working in conjunction with the Saint Kitts & Nevis regulatory authorities to find a workable solution.