Batelco offers LTE data backup service

24 Sep 2013

Bahrain’s Batelco has launched a new option to business customers for data backup solutions over its 4G LTE network, augmenting its existing range of backup facilities over fixed technologies such as DSL, MPLS and ISDN. The 4G LTE backup solution will provide business customers with 4G LTE backup connectivity for data communications services such as MPLS, ‘Inet Dedicated’ and GMPLS (Global MPLS). General manager of Batelco’s enterprise division, Adel Daylami said: ‘Businesses, specifically the banking sector, today operate in a very competitive environment; it is therefore crucial for any business to be able to meet the needs of its clients 24/7 and Batelco is committed to helping their business customers meet their obligations.’

Bahrain, Bahrain Telecommunications Company (Batelco)