Solomon Islands welcomes mobile banking

20 Sep 2013

Solomon Telekom, working with Denmark-based mobile banking solutions provider Netfors, is introducing a new platform that will enable 100,000 Solomon Islanders to access banking services via their mobile phones. Keir Preedy, chief technical officer at Solomon Telekom, is quoted as saying that the telco expects roughly one-fifth of islanders to gain from the new services, noting that it has proven tricky to develop a solution in a so-called ‘Small Island Developing State’.

‘We needed a USSD Gateway to be the backbone of our USSD Services, and our Australian system integrator recommended a company in Denmark called Netfors. So we sent them an email,’ Preedy said. The Danish firm deployed a team to install the new solution and train staff there, and as a result, a ‘GoMoney’ service went live on 16 September, he said.

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