P4 hit with USD2.6m fine over illegal contract clause

17 Sep 2013

Poland’s Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) has issued a fine of PLN8.22 million (USD2.61 million) to wireless operator P4 for failing to comply with its previous order regarding consumer rights. In February 2012 the authority investigated allegations that faulty wording of a clause in the cellco’s contracts limited customers from seeking compensation for damages caused by the lack of telecommunications services. Under Poland’s Telecommunications Law, operators are required to stipulate in the contract the responsibility for non-performance or improper performance and explain the amount of compensation available and the rules and terms for making claims. Following the study, the UOKiK ordered that P4, which offers services under the ‘Play’ brand name, remove the illegal clause within five months. P4 failed to comply with the orders of the competition authority and has been fined for infringing consumer interest rules.

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