Smartphone tax postponed until 2015

16 Sep 2013

Aurelie Filippetti, France’s Minister of Culture, has announced that the French government has axed a proposed tax on internet-connected devices from the latest budget and the levy has been pushed back to 2015, Le Monde reports. According to the article, the tax would have applied to smartphones, tablets, PCs and games consoles, by adding 1% fee at the point of purchase.

The so-called ‘culture tax’, initially proposed in May 2013, generated strong support from the government and president Francois Hollande, as it could raise an estimated EUR86 million (USD114.98 million) per year. Filippetti was cited as saying at the time: ‘Today we have extremely sophisticated technological equipment that is extremely expensive to buy, but which contributes nothing to the financing of the works that circulate on that same equipment. Companies that make these tablets must, in a minor way, be made to contribute part of the revenue from their sales to help creators.’ TeleGeography notes that cultural exception policy, which was introduced in France in 1993, asserts that cultural goods are to be treated differently from other commercial goods.