CRC opens public consultation on a draft amendment of the telecoms fees

10 Sep 2013

Bulgaria’s telecoms regulator the Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) has opened a public consultation on the amendment of the telecoms fees collected by the regulator with Decision No. 673, dated 5 September 2013. Under the terms set by the draft document, the fee for authorisation of the Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) services in the 3.6GHz frequency band will increase to BGN480 (USD325) for 1MHz (in Zone 1), while 1MHz in Zone 6 will be charged at BGN80,000. For concessions in the 900MHz and 1800MHz spectrum bands, the CRC proposes an increase to BGN100,000 for 1MHz, while the one-off administration fee collected is expected to reach BGN15,000. All interested parties are invited to submit their comments and recommendations in a 30 day-period from the publication of the Decision on the regulator’s website (9 September 2013).

Bulgaria, Communications Regulation Commission (CRC)