‘Trimming limbs’ on the horizon for ruthless Verizon

6 Sep 2013

In a discussion of the company’s recent deal with Vodafone, Verizon Communications CEO Lowell McAdam has reportedly suggested that the sale of additional underperforming DSL markets could be on the horizon. Online journal DSL Reports quotes McAdam as saying: ‘That is a possibility … we are going to trim some limbs around the tree here. Things that aren’t performing will not be a part of our portfolio so we can invest in things that will drive the kind of growth we are excited to be able to tap here’. According to the website, possible targets include much of upstate New York, including cities like Binghamton and Buffalo – markets that the company has made clear will not be upgraded anytime soon given that its fibre-optic ‘FiOS’ expansion programme is over.

United States, Verizon Communications