Lattelecom rolls out 1Gbps

6 Sep 2013

State-backed fixed line incumbent Lattelecom has announced plans to make 1Gbps broadband connections available to more than half of the population by the end of next month. In a press release, the telco said it would double the connection speeds of its private customers utilising fibre-optic connections, for no extra charge: 50Mbps subscribers will be boosted to 100Mbps, 100Mbps users will receive 250Mbps, 200Mbps will be upped to 400Mbps and 500Mbps customers will receive the top speed of 1Gbps.

Lattelecom chairman Juris Gulbis commented: ‘Since 2008, when we started the construction of optical network infrastructure in Latvia, we have invested over LVL30 million (USD55.98 million) in developing a network and made fibre-optic internet the standard for the entire industry… The total consumption of our broadband subscribers is growing rapidly, on average doubling every year. Therefore we are taking a step towards the needs of the ‘man of the future’ and expanding Lattelecom’s data highway to an incredibly fast 1Gbps.’

Latvia, Tet (Lattelecom Group)