FNA publishes final vectoring decision following EC clearance

30 Aug 2013

Germany’s telecoms regulator, the Federal Network Agency (FNA), has published its final decision on the introduction of vectoring technology by Telekom Deutschland (TD), after submitting a draft decision to the European Commission for approval early last month. In December 2012 TD submitted an application to the watchdog for permission to introduce vectoring, which would enable bandwidth to be doubled to up to 100Mbps by cancelling interference between lines. The Deutsche Telekom subsidiary was given conditional approval to upgrade its copper network with VDSL2 technology in April and the FNA’s draft decision on the matter was submitted to the EC for comment in early July. Under the German regulator’s final decision, TD must continue to allow its competitors access to the local loop at the street cabinet, but may refuse access under certain conditions, so as to enable vectoring to be implemented at the cabinet by itself or another company. This will ensure that all players in the market will still be able to interconnect at the street cabinet using optical fibre and implement vectoring, on condition that they offer an appropriate bitstream product under open access arrangements. This applies both to TD and to its competitors.