NATCOM launches tender for a QoS equipment vendor

28 Aug 2013

Sierra Leone’s telecoms watchdog the National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM) has launched a tender to secure a supplier of Quality of Service (QoS) equipment, in order to monitor key performance indicators including Call Completion Success Rate (CCSR), Call Drop Rate (CDR), Handover Success Rate (HSR) and Call Congestion Rate (CCR) over Sierra Leone’s GSM and CDMA’s networks. According to a press release, NATCOM is looking for a contractor to design, develop, install and manage the QoS monitoring system, with eligible bidders required to submit their interest in the tender by 27 September 2013. The relevant documentation required by NATCOM includes a bid security of USD37,500, valid business registration and renewal certificates, a valid tax certificate and a municipal certificate from the company’s original country of operation. The auction will be conducted on 27 September 2013 at 12.30pm local time, in line with the International Competitive Bidding Procedures specified in Sierra Leone’s NPPA Act (2004) and the NPPA Regulation (2006).