Dauphin Telecom VDSL2 network expected to go live next month

28 Aug 2013

Dauphin Telecom, a long-established operator with around 20,000 subscribers on the Caribbean islands of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthelemy, is poised to unveil its VDSL2 broadband network next month, after a series of ‘encouraging’ trials. The testing commenced in January this year, but has reportedly been ramped up as the launch date approaches.

TeleGeography notes that the VDSL2 deployment is the latest in a series of Dauphin investments in 2013; HSPA+ mobile technology was extended to Baie Nettle, Sandy-Ground, Quartier d’Orleans and Colombier et Lurin earlier in the year, while the last remaining internet-free ‘white space’ on Saint-Martin was also addressed by the introduction of fixed broadband services to Terres Basses (the Lowlands).

Saint-Martin, Dauphin Telecom (Saint-Martin)