Orange launches 3G+, 4G in Rodrigues; satellite bandwidth upgrade project on track

23 Aug 2013

Mauritius Telecom’s mobile unit Cellplus Mobile Communications (Orange) has launched 3G+ and 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) services in the island of Rodrigues, an autonomous outer island under the dependency of the Republic of Mauritius. According to a press release, Mauritius Telecom has built ten 3G+/HSDPA-enabled base stations which provide island-wide coverage, while the LTE network is available solely in the capital Port Mathurin. The company has also upgraded its 2G infrastructure on the island.

In separate, but related news, Mauritius’ ICT Minister Tassarajen Pillay Chedumbrum has announced that the project to upgrade the satellite bandwidth between Mauritius and the island of Rodrigues from 37Mbps to 155Mbps will be completed by end-September 2013. According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database, on 8 April 2013 Mauritius Telecom emerged as the successful bidder and designated universal service provider for the facilitation of additional satellite bandwidth between the two islands, after ICTA invited an auction. Consequently, in May 2013, the ICTA awarded the contract to Mauritius Telecom, in accordance with Regulation 7 of the Information and Communication Technologies Regulations 2008.