Chile revamps customer complaint rules

22 Aug 2013

Chilean regulator Subtel has introduced new regulations regarding the handling of complaints from customers. From November this year, companies will have five working days to resolve complaints, compared to the 15 previously allowed, whilst subscribers will be granted a 60-day period to file a claim with their service provider, with a subsequent 30-day allowance to contact Subtel if the company does not provide a satisfactory resolution. The Department of Telecommunication has also joined with government service platform ChileAtiende, which offers more than 180 public points of contact for customers to access government services from a range of departments and ministries.

Undersecretary for Telecommunications, Jorge Atton commented on the new rules and the ChileAtiende partnership: ‘This way, it will increase service channels and make more efficient the process of claims and delivering a timely response to user requirements. Likewise today announced the new user rights to claim when telcos respond. The fundamental thing is that from November, companies will have five working days to respond to users.’