AT&T performs about-turn: stakes claim for USD100m CAF funding

21 Aug 2013

In a surprise move, AT&T has reportedly told the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that it would accept up to USD100 million from the watchdog’s Connect America Fund (CAF) Phase 1 to bring broadband to around 129,000 locations that do not currently have access to a minimum 768kbps/200kbps down/uplink connection. Fierce Telecom quotes Hank Hultquist, vice president-Federal Regulatory for AT&T, as saying: ‘Last year, AT&T declined the CAF support that was available to it, due largely to uncertainty about the company’s overall strategy for rural areas, as well as uncertainty about some of the obligations associated with acceptance of CAF money. In both cases that uncertainty has been resolved such that acceptance of this funding, and the associated obligations, now makes sense for AT&T’.

United States, AT&T, Federal Communications Commission (FCC)