ACCC outline proposals for broadband performance monitoring programme

16 Aug 2013

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has published a consultation paper in which it invites comments regarding a proposed programme for the monitoring and reporting of broadband performance. Under the regulator’s plans it envisages testing data transfer rates and other indicators of broadband service quality experienced by ‘a representative sample of consumers in real world conditions’. Results from these tests would then be made available to both consumers and service providers on a periodical basis. In outlining its plans the ACCC said that it believed such a programme would ‘provide significant benefits for both providers and consumers of broadband services in Australia’. Consumers, it has suggested, would be able to ensure they choose the right service for their needs, while operators would be able to compare their services against those of their competitors and market their products ‘in a way which reflects investments in infrastructure and capacity’. Submissions to the consultation paper must be made by the 13 September 2013 deadline.