Nigerian mobile subs near 120m

14 Aug 2013

Nigeria ended June 2013 with a total of 120.36 million fixed and mobile telephone subscribers, up from 117.28 million three months earlier and 113.21 million at the start of the year, according to the latest statistics from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). GSM mobile operators accounted for 97.55%, or 117.41 million, of the country’s total telephony user base at the end of the second quarter of 2013 (up from 109.83 million users six months earlier), followed by CDMA mobile networks with 2.13%, or 2.57 million (down from 2.6%, or 2.95 million, at 31 December 2012). Fixed and CDMA fixed-wireless operators claimed just 0.32%, or 382,678, of the total telephony base, down from 428,768 users in the space of six months. According to the NCC, the largest mobile operator by subscribers remains South Africa-based MTN by some margin, with around 55.24 million users on its GSM network at the end of June 2013, up 7.7% quarter-on-quarter and accounting for over 46% of Nigeria’s total GSM and CDMA wireless subscriber base. Its nearest rival Globacom had less than half that figure (25.02 million subscribers) at the same date.