CFH ‘delighted’ with UFB progress, despite limited take-up

12 Aug 2013

Simon Allen, the chairman of state-backed management firm Crown Fibre Holdings (CFH), has announced that he is ‘delighted’ with the progress of the Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) initiative, claiming that around 20% of the project is now complete. In a media statement Allen commented: ‘Compared to last year, our partners Chorus, Northpower, Enable and UltraFast Fibre really ramped up their build efforts, and as a result had completed the delivery of UFB past more than 229,600 premises by 30 June. The pace of build has now reached the level required to achieve the policy goal of 75% population coverage by the end of 2019’. However, an alternative report released by the government highlights the comparative lack of end-user take-up, with just 9,984 customers connected to fibre at the same date.

New Zealand