Videotron’s cable broadband users up 4% in a year

9 Aug 2013

Quebec-based cableco Videotron has announced that as of 30 June 2013 it had 1.395 million subscribers to its cable broadband internet service, up by 4.0% from 1.341 million twelve months earlier (and 1.388 million at the beginning of this year). As of the same date, Videotron was providing cable telephone services to 1.275 million Quebec households and organisations (up from 1.264 million at the end of 2012), and 451,000 mobile telephony users (up from 348,000 at mid-2012 and 403,000) at end-December). Videotron serves 1.832 million basic cable television customers, including 1.502 million digital subscribers. Videotron has also announced reaching 50,000 customers for its new subscription video-on-demand (VoD) service, illico Club Unlimited, which it launched in February this year.

Canada, Videotron