htp brings VDSL connectivity to Aligse

9 Aug 2013

Hanover-based regional broadband operator htp has expanded its VDSL network to the village of Aligse, bringing downlink speeds of up to 50Mbps to the area. The operator claims to have spent approximately EUR320,000 (USD425,000) on rolling out services to the location in question, having deployed around 2.7km of fibre-optic cable.

htp, meanwhile, has noted that it carried out a survey to gauge interest before carrying out the infrastructure work, and it said that 324 parties had expressed an interest in its high-speed broadband product, more than the 250 required for it to start work. Looking ahead, the operator has said it plans to conduct a similar survey to examine whether it would be economically feasible to introduce its VDSL-based services in Immensen. To that end, with the survey to be finished by the end of this year, it has said that if at least 210 households show an interest then it could begin rollout in the village in 2014.

Germany, htp