AT&T strikes deal for Siouxland-based Long Lines Wireless

29 Jul 2013

Long Lines, a regional telecoms firm that has been serving Siouxland since 1941, has announced that it has agreed to sell its Long Lines Wireless assets to AT&T Mobility for an undisclosed fee. As per the terms of the deal, AT&T has also agreed to purchase certain fibre-optic transport networks from Long Lines, although the smaller company stresses that this will not affect the company’s ongoing provision of wireline, broadband and cable TV services. Indeed, Long Lines hopes to re-invest the proceeds in the expansion of its existing customer-facing fibre network. The sale is expected to conclude during the fourth quarter of 2013 or first quarter of 2014, following regulatory approval by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Prior to the sale Long Lines Wireless customers will see no changes to their service, and all of its retail stores will remain open for at least six months after the sale.

Brent Olson, Long Lines’ CEO, said: ‘Long Lines’ has a 70-year record of providing innovative and reliable services to our neighbours in Siouxland … Today, Long Lines’ internet services are the fastest in Siouxland, offering up to 40Gbps service to business customers and 100Mbps service to residential subscribers … However, regional wireless providers have limited access to the latest smartphones and other devices, and it has become increasingly difficult for Long Lines Wireless to meet the digital mobile needs of our customers’.

Established in 1941, Long Lines launched its mobile unit in 2006 with a view to serving the rural communities and urban centres in the Upper Midwest, notably Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota and South Dakota.

United States, AT&T Communications