T-Mobile US expands MetroPCS brand to 15 new markets

26 Jul 2013

Less than three months after completing its takeover of Texas-based MetroPCS, T-Mobile US has announced that it has extended the pre-paid carrier’s brand presence to 15 new markets across the country. New locations now covered by MetroPCS are listed as Baltimore (Maryland), Birmingham (Alabama), Cleveland/Akron and Toledo/Sandusky (both Ohio), Corpus Christi, Houston, Rio Grande Valley and San Antonio/Austin (all Texas), New Orleans (Louisiana), Fresno and San Diego (California), Memphis (Tennessee), Seattle/Tacoma (Washington), Tallahassee (Florida) and Washington, DC. The expansion means that MetroPCS has effectively doubled its operational footprint. Going forward, the company has indicated that it will continue to expand its distribution channels in the newly launched cities, including partnering with leading national retailers.

Meanwhile, Fierce Wireless reports that T-Mobile expects MetroPCS’ entire subscriber base to be migrated from its legacy CDMA network across to T-Mobile’s Long Term Evolution (LTE) network. MetroPCS executive vice president Tom Keys told the online journal: ‘We should be out of selling CDMA devices at the latest by the end of this year. So we do not think the migration is going to be terribly hard. By 2015, we want to have CDMA technology pulled out of the network’. Keys added that he is ‘as pleased as punch’ with how T-Mobile is managing the brand so far, noting that MetroPCS remains focused on pre-paid customers in the ‘dense, urban core’, and does not overlap more upscale post-paid subscribers.

Keys added that around 48% of MetroPCS subscribers already use the company’s independent 700MHz network, which launched in September 2010. For its part, T-Mobile introduced 4G technology using refarmed 1700MHz AWS spectrum in March this year, and now covers more than 157 million people across 116 million metropolitan areas.

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