CMT begins consultation on future broadband regulation for next gen networks

25 Jul 2013

Spanish telecoms regulator the Comision del Mercado de las Telecomunicacinoes (CMT) has announced the launch of a public consultation regarding the development of the country’s broadband sector. In publishing the consultation the CMT said that it was aiming to obtain the views of the industry on new regulations related to next generation networks (NGNs) that are expected to be implemented during the period 2014-2016.

Among the topics up for discussion is a proposal that would allow the regulator to set different access obligations dependent on the level of competition in a given geographical area, while the CMT is also looking to examine whether fixed line incumbent and market leader Telefonica Espana’s should be obliged to provide a wholesale service over its fibre-optic infrastructure in a similar manner to those which it provides over its copper network. Further, questions have been posed over whether to revise the current regulation under which Telefonica is only required to offer wholesale access for broadband services with downlink speeds of 30Mbps or less, be it over copper or fibre.

Stakeholders have been given until 18 September 2013 to make their submissions to the CMT.