CANTV finishes nationwide DSL speed upgrade programme

25 Jul 2013

Venezuelan national fixed and mobile network operator CANTV has announced that it has finished the ‘third and final’ phase of an optimisation programme for its DSL ‘ABA’ broadband service customers, which it claims has benefitted around two million high speed fixed internet users. During the first phase (16 April to 15 May 2013) ABA package download speeds were upgraded (1.5Mbps to 2Mbps; 2Mbps to 3Mbps); the second phase (16 May to 15 June) saw 1Mbps plans upgraded to 1.5Mbps; the third phase (18 June to 17 July) upgraded 512kbps services to 1Mbps; all upgrades were at no cost to the user. Additionally, CANTV added two new premium 4Mbps and 6Mbps packages to its range. CANTV said VEF514 million (USD81.6 million) was spent on the project.

Venezuela, CANTV