Anti-trust authority launches Swisscom probe

22 Jul 2013

Switzerland’s competition authority has launched an investigation into state-backed incumbent Swisscom, regarding accusations that it has abused its dominant market position in the broadband segment. Reuters writes that anti-trust body WEKO claims to have evidence that suggests that Swisscom prevented competitors from bidding for a contract to provide Swiss post offices with broadband services. Swisscom has been accused of fixing prices for access to its infrastructure that rival providers – which needed to utilise the cables – were unable to submit competitive bids. Sunrise competed with Swisscom in the 2008 tender and filed a complaint to WEKO the following year.

Swisscom responded to the accusations in a statement, saying: ‘We reject the allegations that Swisscom has unlawfully hindered competition. Swisscom is confident that the competition commission will come to the same conclusion in the course of their investigation.’

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