France Telecom Marine rebrands as Orange Marine

17 Jul 2013

French telco Orange Group’s fully-owned subsidiary France Telecom Marine, which specialises in submarine cable installation and maintenance of the telecommunications sector, has announced the change of its name to Orange Marine. According to a press release, France Telecom Marine has been using the Orange brand for its operations since 1 July 2013, while three of its five cable ships are currently being overhauled to reflect Orange’s brand. The other two vessels acquired in 2010, will operate under the brand Elettra for commercial reasons. Since its establishment, Orange Marine has laid 170,000km of cable in the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic and Northern Europe area, along the African coasts, and in the Indian Ocean. Its ships carry out an average of 50 operations a year, some of which are at depths of 8,500m.

France, Orange Group