1900MHz H block spectrum could go under the hammer in January

17 Jul 2013

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has indicated that it could be in a position to auction an allocation of 1900MHz H block spectrum as soon as January 2014, in what will prove to be its first major spectrum sale since 2008. The spectrum will be auctioned in 176 individual Economic Areas across the country. The watchdog is seeking public comment on its proposed rules for the auction, including the reserve price and the value of minimum opening bids.

The FCC said the sale, which will be designated Auction 96, will be held ‘by or as early as 14 January 2014’. Comments on the auction rules are due on or before 5 August. The H block is a 10MHz allocation of paired airwaves that runs from 1915MHz-1920MHz (uplink) and 1995MHz-2000MHz (downlink). The H block forms part of 65MHz of spectrum Congress mandated the FCC to auction by February 2015.

United States, Federal Communications Commission (FCC)