CRC launches auction for 2500MHz-2690MHz bands

15 Jul 2013

Bulgaria’s telecoms regulator the Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) has announced plans to hold a tender for the authorisation of the use of frequencies in the 2500MHz-2690MHz spectrum band with Decision No 489 dated 9 July 2013. Under the terms set out by the document, the spectrum available for use is listed as follows:

• Five 2×5MHz paired blocks (frequency division duplex, FDD) in the 2500MHz-2570MHz/2620MHz-2690MHz band; and

• Three 1×5MHz blocks (time division duplex, TDD) in the 2570MHz-2620MHz band.

The licences will be issued for a ten year period and operators will be required to establish and operate 3G and/or 4G networks covering 35% of the Republic’s territory within two years from the date of licence authorisations, going on to reach 55% coverage within five years. The CRC has announced a deadline of 26 July 2013 for interested parties to submit their plans for use of the spectrum.

As previously reported by TeleGeography’s CommsUpdate, in April 2013 the Bulgarian government announced that the National Security Service (NPS) will start the release of frequencies in the 2500MHz-2690MHz band, currently occupied by the military, for terrestrial systems capable of providing communications services. The release was scheduled to start on 1 January 2014, while the CRC was obliged to launch an auction for the allocation of spectrum for new Long Term Evolution (LTE) network by 31 August 2013.